Texas Home Tour

This home tour encompasses our McKinney, Texas home, which we lived in for almost ten years.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the tour.


The For Sale sign is out in the front yard so I guess it’s time to finish my home tour.  I can’t take credit for most of the photos – they were shot by the realtor’s photographer.  I did take a few of them though.

We have spent more years in this house in McKinney, Texas than any other one during our marriage.  We have moved around a lot.  The Mister and I met and married in Connecticut and then we transferred to the Sand Diego area in California.  From there we lived in Boca Raton, Florida and then spent one very cold year in the Chicago area.  We then spent the next five years in The Woodlands, Texas – right outside of Houston.  For the past eleven wonderful years, we have called this house our home.
This chair was my grandmother’s.  The oil painting above is none other than moi.
The Mister is always in a bad mood when he is in this room.  This is where he pays the bills.
The Mister’s Paparazzi sightings.
The counters didn’t look as stark as this before the photographer arrived.
I usually have this and a “few” other things on my island.
Can you tell that I have a thing for roosters?  The Mister swears he hears them cock-a-doodle-doo during the night.
This is where I check-in to see if you left me any nice comments.
Gypsy’s favorite spot!!
We’ve had many fun parties here.  It’s the perfect house for entertaining.
My house never looks this bright.  I have all the light switches on dimmers so I can look 20 years younger.
Lots of Bravo watching in this blue chair.
We renovated our master bedroom about six months ago.
We also did our master bath at the same time.
Just in time for us to move!
The Mister’s favorite room.
Blog Central.
The Mister is very proud of his pizza oven in the fireplace.  The first year we had it, we all gained 10 lbs.


We’ve made so many great memories in this house. I will miss it but I look forward to our new adventure in Bean town.

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