About Me

I am a 40 “ish” (meaning, add 10-15 years) Massachusetts mom with two girls in college. Number 1 is attending a Texas university that bleeds purple and frogs. Number 2 is a sophomore at a college in Virginia and is proud to be a General.
I am the trophy/ super model wife of a former professional chef who now works as an executive in the hotel biz. We recently lost our beautiful rescue dog, Gypsy after twelve wonderful years.  We have added a goldendoodle puppy to our nest named Chowdah (Boston speak for chowder).

After living 15 fabulous years in the great state of Texas, the Mister was transferred to Massachusetts in the Fall of 2013.  After much persuading and bribing he talked me into buying a house that was built in 1895.  This has become a labor of love and has brought headaches as well as great joy.

I began blogging on August 7, 2012.  My second daughter was leaving for college and I was looking for something fun to do.  I consider blogging a great blessing.  I have been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful people in person as well as “virtually.”  Blogging has opened my eyes to doing more things.  I always need something to write about so I am constantly in search of new adventures that are “blogworthy” as the Mister calls it.
I enjoy entertaining (since my man does all the cooking), playing tennis, reading, and watching lots of Bravo!


Cast of Characters


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