european country antiques

Hello, dear friends.  I have recently discovered a great blog filled with great taste in decorating and adventures.  The name of the blog is An Urban Cottage.  The best part of it is that Steve lives in the Boston area.  His blog has become a great resource for me in finding great places to shop and visit. 

A couple of months ago, Steve did a post on a store in Boston called European Country Antiques.  The Mister and I had a luncheon in Boston one Saturday, so we went over and took a look afterwards.  

Loved these colorful plates and hutch.  The Mister told me if I brought home one more rooster, he would put me out in the hen house.
Lovin’ these end tables.

I think the Mister got sick of me oohing and aahing so he went downstairs solo.  I also promised him we would stop for ice cream if he was a good boy and didn’t whine too much.

Love the wheelbarrow.

They had some really pretty copper pieces.
Thanks, Steve, for introducing me to my new favorite place!  

Hope you’re staying cool!

It’s A Good Day When I Make A New Friend!

Hello good friends.  I had the most delightful lunch today with my blogger friend, Mo, of Mocadeaux. I discovered Mo’s blog awhile ago and have enjoyed every minute of her posts about wine, scrumptious recipes, and her life in California and Chicagoland.

We discovered a lot about each other during our lunch.  We graduated from college the same year, won’t tell you what year, though.  Who cares that she went to the almighty University of Notre Dame and I went to a small, Catholic girls college that closed due to lack of interest?  As long as there are no SAT’s involved… Mo and I can still be friends.  

Mo’s school

My school

Another crazy thing… Mo knows one of my best buddies, Jelly Bean!  OK… I know what you’re thinking…

Mo’s children live in the Boston area and she promised to call me for lunch when she is back in September.  Hopefully, our favorite reader, Denise, will join us next time!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why I blog. 
It’s always a great day when I make a new friend!  

Here’s to new friends!

Be careful who you honk at!